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P&THE – Global Packaging & Assembly (P&THE-GPA) originated from P&THE Holding, LLC, an automotive and industrial focused holding company. The founders, several very accomplished African American senior executives, envisioned an organization that would leverage their:

  • Collective 50 years of C-Suite/Officer relationships; 
  • Experience dissecting and success attacking business opportunities/challenges; and 

  • Ability to consistently deliver products and services



Employee           C.E.O.  


It is from this vision that P&THE – Global Packaging & Assembly (P&THE-GPA) was launched.  

P&THE – Global Packaging & Assembly (P&THE-GPA) is a standalone P&THE Holdings, LLC company.  P&THE-GPA has built a strong, yet conservative growth plan that utilizes existing infrastructure, strong relationships across the major automotive OEMs, and disrupter level tools to execute successful launches. P&THE-GPA’s highly experienced leadership packaging team allows you to confidently choose P&THE-GPA over incumbents. P&THE - GPA focused initially on packaging and kitting services for the Service/Aftermarket automotive industry.  Our next focus will be to pursue opportunities in other major parts intensive manufacturing sectors, such as agricultural equipment, heavy truck, among other logical target industries.

Meet The Team


Pancho Hall


Richard Najarian (2).jpg

Richard najarian

Chief Operating Officer

Alfred Robertson.jpg

alfred robertson


Chief Financial Officer

Rod Evans

Director of Operations

Rod Evans.png
Moira Kindig.jpg

Moira Kindig

Director of

Human Resources


All great companies build a culture that harnesses the power of its employees, understands the needs and complexities of its customers, perfects its processes and fosters a culture that everyone shares in those successes, especially customers. Organizations must maintain an ability to teach and learn, to succeed and fail and to rise after a fall, since it is through this prism of analysis that it will be judged from inside and outside the firm. Our Company will launch with principles, integrity, positive energy and a solid path forward based on the collective wisdom and extensive experience of the senior staff.

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