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Fundamental Base

The Company has a fundamental base that consists of systems, people and processes that uniquely position the organization to win a significant market share in the packaging industry.


  • A fully integrated, best in class IT solution that will maximize efficiency and connectivity.

  • Our system allows us to both make real time decisions and initiate advanced planning to leverage the best outcomes.

  • An automated materials ordering system provides real time workload forecasts and efficient allocation of resources.

  • Real time reporting and detailed traceability allows us to assist our customer locate any component at any time.


  • Our goal is to find and develop workers who understand our mission, values and vision.

  • We provide our workers with the support and the tools they need to be a part of our success.


  • Utilizing the knowledge of our management team, the company has developed and implemented processes that are designed to ensure uninterrupted services.

  • These processes, along with lean manufacturing methodology, will give us strategic advantages in the industry.

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