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Packaging Program Management

Systems Capabilities

  • Download the bill of materials

  • Maintain records

  • Contact suppliers

  • Monitor and investigate engineering level changes and their effects on packaging

  • Maintain inventory of automotive components

  • Coordinate, oversee, and assist in any prototype testing

  • Complete any necessary cost studies, comparison, or analysis

  • Provide all data to customer in customized reports and Unit Load Data Sheets

  • Customer support at supplier locations

  • Packaging evaluations and approvals

  • Risk Assessment

Advance Shipping Notice ASN

To let our suppliers know electronically, when their release has been shipped, the volume, and expected delivery.

Smart Logistics

Warehouse Tables.png
  • Handling EquipmentWarehouse storage Racking, Material

  • Warehouse Staff and Management

  • EquipmentLogistics Services, and Transportation

  • Inventory Control Systems

  • OEM’sAutomotive Manufacturers and Communication Systems Between

  • Parts Kiting, Inspection, Cleaning, and Repack

Warehouse Material Management

Full EDI Capability with our :

  • Customer System Integration CMMS ODIMS

  • Electronic Releases

  • Advance Shipping Notices

  • Electronic Invoicing

Complete Inventory Management

  • Dedicated customer facility space

  • Electronic tracking

  • Automatic reorder point

  • Barcode scanning

Daily Packaging Supply

  • JIT deliveries customized to fit your needs

  • Servicing logistics centers in US and Mexico

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